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Family Law Questions

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Do you have free legal consultations?
Yes, I offer a half-hour, free initial consultation to review your specific case and discuss your legal options.
Why do i need an attorney to represent me in my divorce action? Can't I just use a paralegal service?
How do I choose an attorney?
Do you offer after-hours consultations?
Does a person have to be legally separated before obtaining a divorce?
Does mediation replace divorce?
How does the court decide who is awarded custody of the children?
How much will a divorce cost me?
Which parent can claim the children as dependents in a divorce?
What is discovery in a family law case?
What is spousal maintenance and how is it set?
I was never married to the mother of my child, and she is not allowing me to have parenting time with my child. What can I do?
As a grandparent, do i have visitation rights?
How are assets divided in a divorce?
What are the legal rights of unmarried couples?
What is in the best interests of the children?
What is joint custody?
I have physical custody of my children, and am interested in moving to another state with them, but my ex-spouse objects. Am I allowed to move them?
How is child support calculated?